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Welcome to the Chirana, Chair Builder. Please follow the steps below, choosing your chair, pre-made packages which are designed to suit a variety of needs, & accessories to get your perfect chair.

  • Chair may not be exactly as shown. Some chairs may be shown with optional equipment.

    Chirana LIFT

    Chirana EFFECTIVE treatment unit is an optimal and effective solution for your dental practice satisfying your desires.
    Attractive and user friendly designs makes Chirana EFFECTIVE the most effective choice for you. This treatment unit can be equipped with wider, extra cushioned patient chair SK1-08, or slimmer, standard cushioned patient chair SK1-01.

    Follow the steps to building and customizing your own Chirana EFFECTIVE

    Dentist Table

    Chirana LIFT dentist table 5N is available with a traditional delivery system (hanging instrumet hoses) or continental system (euro/ whip system).

    It includes a simple foil keypad with X-Ray viewer and allows the use of up to five dental instruments.
    Chirana LIFT can be supplied with a height adjustment (700-940mm) cart delivery system.

    Fittings Selection Tools

    Your Table has room for 5 instruments

    Would you like to equip Optic or Non Optic Handpieces?

    Please Choose One Non Optic Highspeed Handpiece

    Please Choose One Optic Highspeed Handpiece

    Would you like to add the 420 connector?

    Add A Non Optic Micromotor?

    Add an Optic Micromotor?

    Add a Non Optic Lowspeed Handpiece

    Bundle the 120 L with your 168 D-T

    Choose an Optical Lowspeed Handpiece

    Bundle the 120 L with your 168 D-T

    Assistant Tables

    Assistant table comes with a simple foil keypad and allows for up to four instrument holders.

    Additional Options

    Select some additional options to customize your Chirana

    Optional Equipment for Cuspidor Block

    Ceramic cuspidor bowl is included

    Lighting Options

    Choose the type of lighting you would like to add to your chair.

    Choose your light



    Customize the SK-01 Package

    Customize the SK-08 Package

    Add Stools

    Colour Chooser

    Customize your Chirana Chair

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    Select the colour of your upholstery.


    If you are satisfied with your Chirana chair options, click "Complete Order" to review and place your order.